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Monday, June 16, 2014

GHBT- Review- Surrender by Rhiannon Paille, narrated by Rachel Siegel

Book Info-
Title: Surrender
Series: The Ferryman + The Flame #1
By: Rhiannon Paille
Published: October 2nd, 2012

How far would you go to save everything you ever loved?

Kaliel was warned about her love for the Ferryman. One day he will marry the land and leave Avristar forever. She doesn't listen, and because of what she is-- a Flame-- one of nine apocalyptic weapons, she sparks a war. In a desperate attempt to save her home and her love, Kaliel tries to awaken Avred, not knowing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Would you listen to Surrender again? Why?
Yes. I really enjoyed Siegel's performance of the story and it kept my attention throughout the audiobook.

Would you be willing to try another book from Rhiannon Paille? Why or why not?
Yes. Her style of writing was different and I was very enthralled with this new take on fantasy.

Which character – as performed by Rachel Siegel – was your favorite?
Kaliel, for sure. Rachel really put her on display and made her character shine in unexplainably impressive ways.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
Uh, yes. There were a mass amount of tears in this book. But there is no way I can tell you about it without spoiling the ending, so I will have to let you figure it out yourself.

Any additional comments?

Surrender is the first book in The Ferryman + The Flame series by Rhiannon Paille (you can see my review of Justice here). The book follows the story of Kaliel, a flame, and Krishani, the ferryman. Kaliel has been warned not to infatuate herself with Krishani, but love knows no bounds and she doesn't listen. But her romance with him sparks a war, and things really take a tailspin from that point.

I've never read anything like this and I was intrigued with the new perspective. It was very interesting to me that while Kaliel is an 'apocalyptic weapon', she isn't "the" only apocalyptic weapon, so there wasn't really a huge 'chosen one' aspect going on. I have a weak point for forbidden love stories and Kaliel and Krishani have a beautiful relationship in the making.

As for the audio portion, I was blown away by Siegel's performance! Her voice really added depth to Surrender and kept me drawn in throughout the entirety of the story. I loved her! I want to listen to her telling Paille's story again and again. Very impressed!

I would definitely recommend this novel to lovers of fantasy and/or romance, and as for audiobooks I recommend to anyone who would like to listen to an amazing, unique story.

My Rating:
3.5 out of 5
5 out of 5
4 out of 5

About the Author-

Rhiannon is an up and coming Indie Author that writes Young Adult Fantasy books and some non fiction. She has a PhD in Metaphysical Science and Parapsychology. When she’s not writing books she’s reading minds, singing karaoke, burning dinner and sipping iced cappuccino despite her allergy to coffee. Some day she’d like to own a unicorn—as long as it doesn’t eat her. She's sold over 25,000 copies of her books worldwide.


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