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Sunday, November 22, 2015

GHBT- Daughters of the People Series by Lucy Varna Tour- Author Interview & Giveaway

The Prophecy
Daughters of the People # 1
By- Lucy Varna
Genre- Fantasy/ Romance /Romantic Suspense

Maya Bellegarde has spent her entire life searching for a way to break the curse hanging over her and her People. As part of her quest, she volunteers to investigate an anomalous burial at a Swedish archaeological dig where a rare cache of documents has been discovered side by side with an ancient symbol linked to the Seven Sisters, the progenitors of the People.

While in Sweden, Maya meets James Terhune, an attractive archaic language expert, and invites him to take on a position at the Institute for Early Cultural Studies, the People's main historical research branch. James is thrilled by the opportunity Maya extends and intrigued by the attraction he feels for her. He soon begins to suspect, however, that the secrets of the grave are minor compared to the secrets Maya holds, secrets that could hamper their burgeoning relationship and cripple the work they've undertaken for the IECS.

The People aren't the only ones interested in the newly-discovered documents. An ancient enemy of the People resurfaces, threatening the lives of Maya and James' loved ones, and setting in motion a chain of events that could save the People, or destroy them.


Here is our interview with Lucy Varna!

Thanks for stopping by Big Girls Heart Books! Let’s start off with you telling us a little bit about yourself and your latest project.

Hi! Thanks for having me here. My name is Lucy Varna. I’m fortunate to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia, one of the most beautiful areas in the United States, with the best son a mom could ask for. Not that I’m biased!

My work schedule is always in flux, with a handful of stories being developed and written at any given time, but at the moment, I’m focusing on two stories. Both are continuations of The Pruxnae Series, Science Fiction Romances set in Net Verse amidst a growing problem with a hostile alien race called Sweepers. The first, Alien Mine, is officially Book 3 in that series, while the second is a shorter “extra” scheduled for release during December 2015. Both are set on Earth near my hometown.

Once those are finished, I’ll turn my attention to two other stories, one written under another pen name, the second a continuation of the Daughters of the People Series called The Gathering Storm. I’m really excited about this one. Not only will it contain a fabulous love story, but some secrets will be revealed that readers have been waiting to understand.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

When I was a teenager. I’d scribble story ideas down and share snippets with my parents. Eventually, they gave in and bought me a typewriter.

I have been a voracious reader since the age of four. Writing my own stories seemed like a natural extension of that. I eventually turned that desire into a reality after three decades of scribbling.

What are three things you must have to write?

Chocolate, caffeine, and a quiet workspace!

What’s your writing space look like?

My main writing space is my bed. I change into comfortable clothes (usually a t-shirt and yoga pants), prop two pillows behind me, and write away. It’s the only place I’ve found so far where I can work in quiet with few interruptions.

You write in a variety of genres--do you have a favorite? Which one? What do you love about it?

I do write in several genres that run the gamut of romance from sweet to erotic and include everything from Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance to Romantic Suspense to Paranormal Romance and Dark Fantasy. I don’t have a favorite genre, though. I like them all! Now, characters and story worlds, yes, I do have favorites there. Honestly, the Daughters of the People Series is probably my favorite. I’ve been developing that world since about 2009 and hope to continue writing in it for several more years before having to give it up completely.

What role does music play in your writing? Do you have one album or playlist that works best for you?

I don’t generally listen to music as I work, simply because I’m a musician and find music a severe distraction from writing. But I do listen to music at other times and use it to set the mood for a particular story or character, or to generate ideas and leads for plots and the direction of a story. It’s also simply relaxing to go for long, aimless drives with the music playing full blast.

Right now, I’m listening to a lot of alternative metal, like Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed, among others.

What can we expect next from you?

A lot! Three more books are scheduled to be published in the Daughters of the People Series, for a total of nine individual stories. The last one is going to be a doozy. After that, I want to write an Epic Fantasy-like romance based on one of the more elusive characters from that story world. I’ve also begun developing other stories that will be part of the tie-in Sons of the People Series, a couple of which readers have asked for in particular. Plus, there will be more Science Fiction Romances, including spin-offs of the Pruxnae Series.

About the Author-
Lucy Varna lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia, surrounded by her large, extended family. She's a voracious reader and enjoys nothing more than losing herself between the pages of a good book. Her writing draws extensively on her background in genealogy, history, and archaeology, as well as on her eternal love of Science Fiction, Fantasy, the paranormal, and suspense.


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