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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

GHBT- Daughters of the People Series by Lucy Varna Tour- Excerpt & Giveaway

Daughters of the People # 5
By- Lucy Varna
Genre- Fantasy/ Romance /Romantic Suspense

Jerusha Mankiller has found herself in a lot of tight spots during her century and a half of living, but her current assignment takes the cake. Her mother, the formidable Blade, has sent her halfway around the world to investigate clues to the locations of Sanctuary and the City of the Sisters. The catch? Her cover is as the wife of her brother’s best friend, a former Delta Force Operator with a smart attitude and a wicked smile.

Playing somebody’s husband isn’t a new cover for Drew Martin, but it’s the first time he’s partnered a woman he’s got the hots for. Unfortunately, Jerusha treats him like her kid brother, and when she’s not, she’s instituted a strictly hands-off policy. One kiss wouldn’t kill her, would it? And at least then he’d know if the wild attraction tugging at him affected her, too.

Tracking down decades-old leads isn’t exactly easy, though. Soon, Jerusha and Drew have their hands full countering the problems cropping up around every corner. Someone is tailing them, the Shadow Enemy turns up in the unlikeliest of places, and an ancient Daughter sets her cap for Drew, leaving him wondering what could possibly go wrong next.


And here is an excerpt from Sanctuary

Drew scooted forward and placed a hand against the mattress on either side of Jerusha’s hips. “I’ve got something for you.”

“A present?”

“Mm-hmm.” His gaze dropped to her mouth, that sweet, snarky mouth, and heat ripped through him with the force of a Cat-3 hurricane. “If you’re ready for it.”

She leaned forward and slid her cheek along his. “Just tell me what it is.”

He buried his face in her throat, sniffed her skin, breathing in the scent of the soap she used. No perfume for his Jaybird. God, he loved that about her, loved knowing when he put his mouth there, it was her he tasted, not some factory produced chemical. “Something to give us some privacy every now and again.”

She sucked in a breath and cupped a hand over his thigh. “I’m very ready for that.”

“You sure? ‘Cause I don’t wanna push.” He slid her laptop off her lap, then pulled her closer. She felt so good in his arms, fit so well. “Having it don’t mean we gotta do anything.”

“Come on, Drew. I practically attacked you that first time. Do you really think I don’t want to have sex with you?”

“I’m just giving you a choice.”

“Ok, fine. Don’t expect me to reciprocate.”

He grinned against her throat. Yeah, that was just like a Daughter. Hadn’t he learned that the hard way? Jerusha on top of him, her hips grinding against his, fast and hard, her head thrown back. Desire speared through him and blood rushed into his dick on a burst of heat. God, he wanted her like that again, wild and beautiful, unrestrained. He reined in his imagination, fat lot of good it’d do. He was already hard as a brick, probably would be for a while.

Jerusha stroked her hand up and down his thigh, edging perilously close to his hard-on. “I thought we could pick another restaurant tonight, try something new. There’s somebody I want you to meet.”

“Your friend?”

“She’s a recluse, doesn’t go out in public at all if she can help it. You don’t mind going with me, do you?”

“Happy to.”

“Speaking of happy.” Her hand slid across his body and landed on the fly of his jeans, exactly where he wanted her to touch him. “Let me take care of this.”

He nuzzled her skin, licked her pulse. “Later,” he promised. After supper, he’d pull out his surprise for her, turn it on, then turn her on. God, he couldn’t wait to finally bury himself inside her, couldn’t wait to feel her slick heat and make her come so hard, she never wanted it to end.

About the Author-
Lucy Varna lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northeast Georgia, surrounded by her large, extended family. She's a voracious reader and enjoys nothing more than losing herself between the pages of a good book. Her writing draws extensively on her background in genealogy, history, and archaeology, as well as on her eternal love of Science Fiction, Fantasy, the paranormal, and suspense.


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