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Saturday, May 9, 2015

GHBT- 'Jaded' by Elle J Rossi Tour - Mel's Review & Author Spotlight

Starstruck Standalone Series
By- Elle J Rossi
Publication Date- May 2015
Genre- New Adult Contemporary Romance

Welcome to STARSTRUCK, a showplace for talent, a playground for love.The hot nights amp up with Rossi’s novella JADED, part of a new contemporary continuity series by Beth Ciotta, Cynthia Valero, and Elle J Rossi. Three authors. One world.


Four years ago Brooklyn ran from that plea and straight toward what she dreamed would be a better future. An aspiring fashion designer destined for more than the boredom of small town life and the strain of a whiskey-saturated family, she launched herself toward the runways of New York.
Emmett couldn’t compete with the glitz of the big city, let alone erase Brooklyn's emotional scars. When she turned down his proposal and left him behind, he poured what was left of his heart into his music. He got through with three rules: Play the guitar. Play the field. Forget about Brooklyn.
Now Brooklyn is back and the past and present collide inside Starstruck when Brooklyn fills in as lead singer for Emmett’s band. Night after night of thumping bass and passionately sung lyrics reminds them of every delicious memory they ever shared. But a sizzling attraction can only go so far when emotions are raw and trust is fragile. Emmett still wants forever. Brooklyn is only good at temporary.
Can two hearts find a way to truly connect off the stage, or will they stay forever jaded?

Mel's Review- 

Jaded is a part of the Starstruck standalone series by Elle J Rossi, Cynthia Valero and Beth Ciotta. Starstruck is a happening club where lives and loves collide and I am looking forward to reading the other novellas in this series. 

We get to see this story unfold from the dual pov of both Brooklyn, our main character and her ex-boyfriend, Emmett. I have to say that Emmett was definitely my favorite character from the story.  It is impossible not to love him, in my opinion. He's gorgeous, sweet, sexy and his kindness and understanding are unending. It's a delectable package. As for Brooklyn, herself, you can't help but feel for her even as she builds walls around her heart to keep people at a distance. She can't deny the chemistry that sizzles whenever she and Emmett are near one another. 

I was emotionally invested in this book from the first page, it was very easy to connect with the characters. I really enjoyed Rossi's writing style and will be picking up her other work asap. The pace is fast and the story flies by, I read this in about an hour and a half. My only complaint is the story felt incomplete- I wanted more and it seemed the characters could easily have filled a longer novel with their story. I wanted to see them become a family and heal one another. I did really enjoy the book, though and I'd recommend it to other contemporary romance lovers. I'll definitely be looking for the other books in the series. 

My Rating- 

Author Spotlight on Elle J Rossi
Share 5 things people might not know about you with us

  1. I used to sing professionally for a living.
  2. I hate cold food.
  3. I’m a country girl at heart.
  4. I choose to believe in the unbelievable because who knows what’s really out there.
  5. I am very opinionated and often forget to turn on the filter.

What’s your favorite part of being an author? 
Definitely the escape. I love getting away from reality for a bit, creating new worlds, and getting to know the characters.

You write in several genres; do you have a favorite? 
I think that would be a toss up between paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Often the lines between those two are blurred anyway. Why?I love diving into a world of fantastical and supernatural beings. World building creates so many opportunities and really stretches the limits of my imagination. And, well, maybe part of it is because “others” are crazy sexy!

How does music affect your writing? 
To me, music is heart. Every song tells a story. Those stories evoke emotion. Emotion is the core of everything.

What do you have to have right at hand in order to write? 
Three things: books, music and coffee. I’m surprised I can sleep at all with the amounts of caffeine I consume in a day. I’m a better writer when I read. I try to read at least two books a week and this keeps me excited and fueled.

What one word would you use to describe your life?

About The Author-
Elle J Rossi is a writer of Dark Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. Overly fond of the happily ever after, Elle lets her characters take control as they lead her down dark and twisted paths on their haunting journey toward love.

When not writing, you'll more than likely catch her hanging with her husband, two kids and a cat who truly does rule the roost, or stealing the mic from her friends as the duel over country karaoke.


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