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Friday, December 19, 2014

GHBT- The Gray Ghost Inn by Jay Mims- Review

The Gray Ghost Inn
The Oncoming Storm Series #3
By Jay Mims
Genre- Mystery, Detective, Cozy

Dan Landis had a simple plan. Drive to a quaint bed and breakfast, spend New Year’s with his best friend Doc, and enjoy a much-needed vacation. Except, he didn’t account for everyone’s favorite klutzy genius Abbey.

Now there’s a body in the library, snow all around, and a mansion full of suspects. Dan must call on his best detective skills, and his worst Hercule Poirot impersonation, to solve this latest mystery. However, the awful truth looms overhead everyone, whatever the answer, nothing will ever be the same.

The Gray Ghost Inn by Jay Mims is the third installment of The Oncoming Storm Series. This series follows Dan Landis and his quirky, hilarious gang throughout various cases and murders, in which they have to solve. I have been thoroughly enjoying this series from book 1, The Five Santas, and this novel is no exception.

For the sake of those who have not read the first two Oncoming Storm novels, I will be vague. Mims is facking amazing. Seriously. There are very few series I actually enjoy reading anymore. I've found myself to be a standalone novel kind of girl, only because a lot of series I read lately tend to completely derail and fall into a hole of despair. But these have remained consistently entertaining and I  know for a fact I will be a forever fan of Mimsey and his amazing characters.

I will tell you--if you enjoy detective novels, this is definitely something you would enjoy. It's suspenseful and mysterious, but still light and funny. I adore this series and I can't wait to read more Mimsey!!

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About the Author

Jay Mims, better known as Mimsey, lives two miles past nowhere with The Mimsus. He also accidentally adopted his neighbor’s cat, Eartha Kitty, has a lizard named Bob hiding in his house, and has a passive-aggressive Dalek roommate named Steve. When not writing cozy mysteries, Jay teaches and is learning knitting. Jay is currently working on knitting a cape. Capes are cool. 


  1. I don't know where, and I don't know how, but I am going to have "Mims is facking amazing" as a blurb one day!