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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review- Tone of Betrayal by C.L. Foster

Tone of Betrayal
The Imprint Series #2
By C.L. Foster
Publication Date- August 19th, 2014

Audire Cortez knows all about betrayal. She was born with an ability to hear it in every step, word, and action made.

While trying to rescue her mate, who has been brainwashed to forget her, her plan becomes complicated. She's taken hostage by the enemy and hears things she shouldn't have. Willing to atone for her past, she risks her life for the safety of her loved ones by refusing to use her true form, knowing the consequences.

Her father, a vengeful witch, and trust issues plague her at every turn. With time running out, Audire must put her faith in the enemy and risk it all, or live with the herself for allowing another to die.


This review contains profanity and helluva lot of gifs. I apologize, but I couldn't help myself.

Tone of Betrayal is the second book in The Imprint Series by C.L. Foster (you can find my review of book one HERE). Once again we find ourselves plunged into the life of the sassy and fierce Cortez family. Tone of Betrayal centers around Audire after she is captured by her father's men while trying to save her mate, Dale, and her sisters and mother, and non-family friends that I refuse to trust yet for reasons, trying to figure out a plan to save her.

We are introduced into some new characters who I have completely fallen in love with and want to hide in my pocket to avoid the wrath of Moreno and Celeste, and even some old characters I thought I wanted to rot in a ditch on the side of the road that I actually like now... Even though I have a feeling it's going to bite me in the ass and make me cry like a little baby. Again.

I would like to start this review by saying I have been like this since I finished it-->

Okay so first of all, I happen to know Christy likes gif reviews, so part of me didn't even want to grant her the humor of one as a punishment for being a little she-demon. BUT, there is literally no way I can express my emotions without using them. So oh well. Christy gets a reward for chucking my heart into oncoming traffic. That's fine. Eventually I will do the same to her with one of my own novels. ;)

Anyhoo...back to gifing out.

adore the romance in these books. It isn't a main aspect, thank ze lord, but there is a hint of it, and I love every single relationship I see here. Rozar and Shade are still sugary sweet, Mira and Vander have got to be the best couple I've ever seen, Audire and Dale just need to snuggle and make-up forever, dammit, and Zotom seriously just needs to kiss Saber already, my god.

They are all absolutely perfect for each other, and they compliment each other so well, but they don't take over the entire thing. There is a PLOT, here, with a touch of fluff, and that's just the way I love my books.

Now, most of my book-hangover lasts in the end, and because I refuse to give spoilers and ruin this for you, I can't verbally vent about it. Very sorry, just scroll up and buy it if you want to know so bad, that's why I include buy-links in my reviews.

However, those of you who have read ToB will understand where I'm coming from if I speak in gifs.... After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And expressing my emotions isn't technically spoiling anything. So yeah.

My literal reaction to the ending is as follows--

So, Miz Foster...

While I do think you are an evil mastermind sent from the fiery pits of Hell to wreak havoc on the souls of innocent fans who just want to snuggle the Cortez family, I have to admit I tore through this book faster than I've read anything in months... The plot kept thickening and the action kept coming, so even though you mercilessly ripped my heart out and threw it in a blender, I commend you for the magic you create in your novels.

...no, really...

...now if you will all excuse me. I'm just gonna go wait for Essence of Vengeance at the bottom of this building now.

My Rating:

About the Author

CL is eclectic, geeky, positive, nature-loving and completely non-"normal" (just the way she likes to be). She has been a fan of literature since she was a small child and finally decided to take her dreams (both waking and sleeping!) and do something positive with them.

CL has lived all over the world and has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Forensics. Which means you don't want to cross her because she knows how and where to hide a body so it's never found! She proudly admits to hearing voices in her head, but at times, her characters' impromptu visits can be rude and annoying. Thankfully, she has adequate patience for their shenanigans and can out ninja them any day of the week.

CL's voice is boisterous, sassy, and not finished yet! Stay tuned!


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  1. I am so in love with you girls!!! Thank you for this amazing review. I'm CERTAIN your books will murder me.. they have to wait til I'm done writing. I know you're going to put me in a book COMA. LOL XOXOXOXOXO ((snuggles)) *gets back to EoV*