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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GHBT- 'Small Magics' by Erik Buchanan Tour- Lana's Review & Giveaway

Small Magics
Thomas Flarety # 1
By- Erik Buchanan
Genre- Fantasy
Published By- Dragon Moon Press 

In a world where no one really believes in magic, one man is stealing all that's left... Erik Buchanan's first novel introduces Thomas Flarety, whose first visit home from school in four years brings him face to face with a juggler who can create a ball of light from air, a Bishop who can control men with his voice, and a plot to steal what magic is left in the world. Before long, Thomas is thrust into a nightmare of betrayal and murder, where all that he has is threatened by a power he does not understand, and where learning to master a power he did not know he had may be the only way he can survive.



Small Magics is the first book in the Thomas Flarety Trilogy by Erik Buchanan. The story is about Thomas Flarety and a small group of friends who end up tangled up in a mess of death, betrayal and magics.

I very much enjoyed this novel. Buchanan's writing style is excellent and I was drawn in from the first page. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi, and I will admit I get caught up in correcting sentence structure, dialogue, monologue, etc. That was not the case this time, however--I didn't rewrite anything he said. It's really easy to step into Thomas's shoes and understand the confusion he feels right from the get go. I was anxious to learn what happens next and I cannot wait to delve into the next book in the trilogy.

Original idea with excellent writing and fun characters makes for an A+ read. I highly recommend to all lovers of fantasy and those looking for a good read to kick off 2016!

My Rating:

About the Author

Erik Buchanan started reading at age two and has been hooked ever since. He met the Hardy Boys when he was six, Bilbo Baggins when he was eight, and cried for an hour when he was ten because that really shouldn't have happened to Frodo toward the end of The Two Towers. It was also at age 10 that Erik thought, "maybe I could write a story."

Before he was 12 Erik had attempted a book, an epic poem in rhyming couplets and various bits of stories and poetry. In high school he kept writing, and managed to create an impressive portfolio of maudlin teen-age angst-filled poetry that has thankfully not survived.

It was in his last year of high school, in the creative writing class of Mr. Robert Currie, a great English teacher, writer and poet, where Erik where he had the first vague notions of "being a writer." He kept writing through university, even as the theatre sunk its teeth and claws into him. He came out of university with a B.F.A., a pair of black belts, and a desire to be on the stage.

Erik moved to Toronto and spent thirteen years pursuing (but never quite catching) a career as an actor and a fight director. He wrote his first novel in a small attic room in a downtown rooming house, sitting on a cushion on the floor with his laptop perched on a box in front of him. Shortly after, he wrote "Small Magics," then "Cold Magics."

Erik is has just finished writing "City of Phantoms," a young adult novel set in Victorian England. He is now writing the third book in the Magics series while he edits "the King Below" (another fantasy novel he has written) and "City of Phantoms," and still works on that zombie movie.


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