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Saturday, March 7, 2015

GHBT- 'Diamond Road' by Ginger King Tour- Character Bio

Diamond Road
By- Ginger King
Genre- Women’s Fiction
Published By- Second Wind Publishing
Published On- December 10th, 2014

In this intriguing debut novel—a journey that reveals how memories shape our lives and connect or separate us from others- Jamie, a young woman ascending from an oppressive relationship embarks on a desperate quest to escape.  However her refuge is to return to the home she despised and left in the dust years before.  Only her childhood journal and the family who raised her, can guide her search for answers to questions from decades ago that have molded her choices and left her with the stinging consequences she now must face.

As vivid memories of a tragedy that cost her both parents, come flooding back, Jamie discovers a truth that she kept locked away - something only she knows about the night they both died.  Could re-living the memories that have shaped her life and relationships be the key to finding real, lasting happiness? What else may it bring to her door?


Character Bio- 
Link - The days when this man was in the Navy are some of Jamie, Josh and Tyler's favorite times to hear about.  Never having children of his own, he becomes a stand in grandfather and father to the kids.  The love of his life is Mary.  She is the reason he built the home he has right next to the Kirby farm.  Only a pond and a long stretch of road separates his land from the neighboring farm.  Nothing separates them in heart.  He is as much a member of the family as Mitch Kirby himself.   He loves Jamie and after having come to raise her in a difficult situation he also encouraged her to follow her dreams and her talents to New York, a decision few besides Link understood.  He missed her dearly but wanted her happiness more than he wanted her trapped in Kansas.

About the Author-
Ginger King is the author (and or contributor) to more than four books, the Carolina Wine Country Cooking series and contemporary women's fiction with a kick.  Her debut novel Diamond Road (December 2014) marks the first in a four part series called The Lost and Found Series.  
Carolina Wine Country Cooking is all about cooking with or pairing with wines from the Carolina vines.  These cookbooks include recipes using the famous North Carolina Muscadine as well as European varietals produced in the state.  Some titles in the series also include photography, poetry, and short stories inspired by the great tapestry that the NC people and landscape add to the experience of Carolina Wine Country.

The Lost and Found Series  - Diamond Road (book one of the series) is about the life and memories of a young woman, escaping an abusive relationship and reuniting with those she turned her back on years before.  The stories in this series are centered around loving in difficult situations and the choices, consequences, forgiveness and patience required to move forward.  They will resonate with anyone who has wanted a fresh start in life ,suffered tragedy, been abused/stalked or estranged from family.  The next title in the series is Hope in Carolina and is scheduled to be published in 2015.

Ginger is also a contributor to her publisher’s anthologies, for example Second Helpings, which is a compilation of holiday short stories and authors recipes.  Ginger worked with other food writers from around the globe and the World Food Travel Association on a culinary travel guide titled Have Fork Will Travel.  Look for her regular column in Yadkin Valley Living Magazine and other writings for regional NC magazines across the state.


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