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Monday, November 24, 2014

GHBT- Clandestine Trysts by C.L. Foster- Review

Clandestine Trysts
By C.L. Foster
Genre- Erotic Short Story Collection
Expected Publication Date- November 18th, 2014

Explore hidden fantasies with this collection of erotic tales to titillate, tantalize, and tempt.

A single night with a sexy stranger. A naughty librarian deep in the darkened stacks. Locking eyes with the bass player in the bright lights of the stage… and more.

Indulge and satisfy those deep cravings. Discover Clandestine Trysts.

Clandestine Trysts is a short story collection by the epitome of perfection C.L. Foster. With a total of TEN smexy stories to sink your teeth into, there is no way you won't find at least one of your hidden desires brought to life in these pages--and you might even discover a few kinks you never knew you had along the way.

There is so much awesome in this collection I can't even express it properly. Each and every story will make you crave a cold shower and a cigarette (take it from me, the girl who's never had a smoke in her life), and not once did any of the shorts come off as rushed or trashy. Foster managed to keep the passion up without skimping on the details, which is a miracle in this genre, in my opinion.

I cannot express how much I loved reading these stories. I think my favorite is still Angel Problems, although I find it very hard to pick just one... NSFW is smokin' hot, too.... And Spank You Very Much, Snow Angel, nngh... *cough* Where was I.. Oh yes, review. So, um, basically I loved them all and I'm gonna just reread this whole thing repeatedly, okay? It is that good. If you're looking for a steamy read that will keep you hooked all night, THIS is the erotica for you.

...now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take another icy shower.

My Rating:

CL is eclectic, geeky, positive, nature-loving and completely non-"normal" (just the way she likes to be). She has been a fan of literature since she was a small child and finally decided to take her dreams (both waking and sleeping!) and do something positive with them.

CL has lived all over the world and has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Forensics. Which means you don't want to cross her because she knows how and where to hide a body so it's never found! She proudly admits to hearing voices in her head, but at times, her characters' impromptu visits can be rude and annoying. Thankfully, she has adequate patience for their shenanigans and can out ninja them any day of the week.

CL's voice is boisterous, sassy, and not finished yet! Stay tuned!


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