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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Book Blitz: Terpsichore in Love by John Tucker- Excerpt

Terpischore in Love 
Bemused and Bedeviled Series #1
By John Tucker 
Release Date: May 15, 2013 
Genre: Supernatural Romance/Comedy 
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

The nine traditional Greek Muses, who are now living on Earth, find their everyday lives disrupted by the appearance of a mysterious mortal who is developing powers beyond human capabilities. After Dan Gordon falls in love with Terpischore, he finds himself in the midst of a power struggle between the forces of Heaven and the denizens of Hades – with the winner claiming his heart and soul. 

Bemused and Bedeviled takes you into the drama-filled lives of the nine sisters, headed up by the impetuous Terpischore, oversexed Melpomene, irascible Calliope, and the impossibly cheerful Euterpe. On the dark side, Lucifer and his three Sirens – the level-headed Calypso, wrathful Celestia, and the effervescent Chanteuse – deal with their own darker issues. The representatives of good and evil vie for Dan’s loyalty and allegiance, despite family issues that threaten to rip the very fabric of the universe apart.

And now, an excerpt from Terspischore in Love!

          Lucifer sat in his ornate office and simmered. Two of his Sirens had contemplated their assignment from the night before and chose that moment to bring their vociferous complaints to light. While Chanteuse reigned in her incendiary temper with the chilly delicacy she was known for, Celestia made up for it with her arrogance and vitriol.  

     “Why am I the point Siren for this assignment,” she snarled, “while Calypso and Chanteuse get to have all the fun, Daddy?” She jabbed a thumb at Calypso. “She’s the one you made Lead Siren eight centuries, two years, six months, and five days ago. Let her oversee it.” Celestia folded her arms while steam rose off her skin. “Please.”

     “Daddy knows what he’s doing, Sister,” Calypso said testily. “How dare you presume to challenge his –”

     Celestia screamed. “Shut your filthy mouth and let him answer my question, or I’ll claw your tits off and feed them to the Harpies myself.”

     “Silence!” Lucifer bellowed. He glared at Celestia and drummed his fingers on his desk with a deliberate rhythm. “Your strong objection on this matter has been noted. I took you off the opening part of this assignment because you and Terpischore have quite a history.” He chuckled, “A very charming one – but a history nonetheless.”

     “I only seduced the last love of her life and ripped out his heart in front of her.” She rolled her blue eyes. “That’s totally irrelevant.”

     Chanteuse yawned while continuing to paint her nails. “It’s not like we’re getting a chance to do that to the Muse’s suitor, Sexy. Daddy simply wants us to get close to this Daniel Gordon and study him,” she looked up and pursed her lips, “for right now.”

     “I don’t care.” Celestia sneered at her sisters and stamped her foot. “I singlehandedly owned Terpischore. Therefore, any attempts to snuff out the life of her newest boy-toy should be mine by proxy.”

     The man who wrote the line ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ never met my Celestia. Lucifer sat back in his chair and tented his fingers. Still, she does make a good case, and Terpischore is a snotty piece of work. He sighed and nodded at his feisty Siren. “Very well, Celestia. The initial assignment still precludes you from getting involved with Mr. Gordon. But…if my plans for him fail miserably, you may...devour him.”

     Calypso screeched, “Daddy…no!”

     Chanteuse sniffed out her disappointment and waved her newly-painted fingernails around. “I need a bloody Mary – with long blonde hair and a huge heart.”

     “I lust you, Daddy,” Celestia said, racing behind the desk to hug his neck. “And I can claim Gordon’s yummy, major internal organ…and his soul?”

     Lucifer laughed, despite the lovely glares of his disappointed Sirens, “His soul – their hearts.” When his joke brought grudging smiles to his offended companions, he nodded his approval and ran a hand through his silver hair. After all these eons, I’ve still got it.

About The Author

John. D. Tucker is a longtime Georgia native who began writing at the age of forty-three. He has self-published three novels: Divisive – a psychological crime thriller, The Little Girl You Kiss Goodnight – a young adult mystery, and Romancing the Fox – a contemporary romance/drama. He seems to be becoming a jack of all genres with his first novel under the GMTA banner – Terpischore in Love (Bemused and Bedeviled Book One) a romantic comedy filled with mythological characters interacting with contemporary mortals.

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